Ancient Drama and its Reception: National Cultural Perspectives

8 June 2011, Round Table: Ancient Drama and its Reception: National Cultural Perspectives
– Christoph Kugelmeier (Saarland University) – The Tragedies of Seneca and the Representation of Emperor Nero’s Times in Baroque Opera
– Cleo Protokhristova (University of Plovdiv) – Music, Musical Performance and the Bulgarian Reception of Attic Drama
– Iskra Nikolova (National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts, Sofia) – Some reflections on (Post)modern Adaptations and Reinterpretations of Ancient Drama
– Lorna Hardwick (Open University, London (in absentia) – Reading and Performing Greek Plays: Ancient and Modern in Dialogue
– Nevena Panova (University of Sofia) – Ancient Drama Traces in Modern Bulgarian Literature
– Yoana Sirakova, Dorothea Tabakova (University of Sofia) – Classical Studies and Ancient Drama Productions in Bulgaria: Between Literalism and Modernization
– Violeta Gerdjikova (University of Sofia) – Images of Orpheus in Art: Ancient, Modern and Bulgarian
– Nicolay Sharankov (University of Sofia) – Greek Drama in Ancient Thrace and Beyond
– Simona Stoyanova (University of Sofia) – Aristophanes’ Assemblywomen on Bulgarian Stage: Modern Production and Hypothetical Original
– Vitana Kostadinova (University of Plovdiv) – Attic Drama in Bulgaria